Fee Schedule

ALS Ambulance

$175/HR (3 HR Minimum)

Ambulance crews consist of one Paramedic (ALS) and one Emergency Medical Technician (BLS). The ambulance has Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) medications and equipment. The medical crew is prepared to handle all medical and traumatic adult and pediatric emergencies. This option has patient emergency transportation capabilities.

Alternative Response Vehicle (ARV)

$150/HR ALS (3 HR Minimum)
$130/HR BLS (3 HR Minimum)

The all-terrain off-road vehicle is used to extract injured or sick patients from areas inaccessible to standard ambulances. This specialty vehicle can transport the patient to a first-aid station or an awaiting ambulance. It is staffed with one Paramedic and one EMT (ALS) or two EMT’s (BLS). This option has onsite patient transportation capabilities only.

ALS/BLS Responder

$150/HR, 2 Responder ALS (3 HR Minimum)
$100/HR 1 Responder ALS (3 HR Minimum)
$75/HR 1 Responder BLS (3 HR Minimum)

This resource comprises a crew of one Emergency Medical Technician (BLS) and one Paramedic (ALS) or one with the qualifications and equipment to provide essential life support or advanced life support, depending on the option. This option does not have patient emergency transportation capabilities but can stabilize the patient until a transport unit arrives.

Captain (Supervisor)

$75/HR (3 HR Minimum)

If three or more resources are requested for a large-scale event, an on-site Captain and/or Command Support Officer must organize and supervise the resources.

Additional Options

Medical Physician (cost based on event)
Mobile Medical Unit, trailer based operations (cost based on event)